Emily-Markham-500x500In 2017 South Coast (NSW) singer-songwriter Emily Markham released ‘Got Me Fallin”, which was about the beginning of a relationship. Her latest song, ‘How the Story Ends’, is about the end of a relationship. It’s one of the fruits of Markham’s regular visits to Nashville.

‘I wrote this sitting on the floor of my hotel room in Nashville,’ she says. ‘I had the line “If I need to be the villain in your story, that’s okay” and I knew I wanted to write a song about the different sides of a relationship.’

Markham has released two EPs, Come on Over in 2014 and Right Where You Are in 2018, and the new song is a progression from that earlier work, with Markham saying she feels it’s a more mature concept compared with other songs she’s written. The narrator of ‘How the Story Ends’ is not bitter but philosophical about how things worked out, and accepting of her role as the villain even as we can hear in her voice that she’s looking ahead, and beyond what’s happened.

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