unnamed (8)Townsville singer-songwriter Tammy Moxon released her second album, Drive Me Sane, in 2019; produced by Shane Nicholson, it has produced the title single as well ‘Rocky Ride’ and, now, the evocative and moving ‘Wyangala Ain’t Wyangala’.

The song is written from the perspective of Moxon’s father, Peter, and inspired by two people who lived in and love the town: his sister and brother-in-law, Mary and Eric.

‘When Mary and Eric passed, Dad went to the town and said it was still beautiful, but it felt different without them in it,’ says Moxon. ‘They were there for him in his wilder, younger years after his and Mary’s father died in 1969. In a way, they were his escape.’

It was Peter Moxon who coined the phrase ‘Wyangala ain’t Wyangala’ and wrote the original chorus in 1993. Moxon junior has now completed the song as a tribute to these beloved family members, and to the town they brought alive.

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