TuscanyPaula Standing is a singer-songwriter from Adelaide who released an album, All Fun & Games, in 2015 and the EPs Good Heart in 2017 and Truth & Trickery in 2019. She has now recorded a new album, The More I Give, which will be released later this year; it has been influenced by Standing’s connection with singer-songwriter Lou Bradley, formed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival last year. Bradley introduced Standing to producer Rod McCormack, and both McCormack and Bradley were involved in the writing of the album.

The first single from the album is ‘Hiding Out in Tuscany’, which, says Standing, ‘seemed like a good choice to start the ball rolling, as it covers the journey I am making both with my career and this whole album,’ she says. ‘Taking a risk and “setting sail” for distant horizons is a wonderful metaphor for how this project is shaping up.’ The song was written with three students who use McCormack’s studio, The Music Cellar: Ash Sheehan, Jacky McCormack and Toby Wells.

The song is immediately memorable; its gentle rhythm and melody provide an opportunity to dream alongside Standing. We all have our what-ifs and if-onlys, and this song gives us permission to wonder about them. The song has country, Americana and Celtic tones to it, and it is country music that is at the core of Standing’s music.

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