unnamed-7Let’s not pretend that what’s happening right now in Australia and the rest of the world isn’t unsettling, at best. For many people normal routines are over and there’s no way to know when they may be restored. A lot of us are working from home and others are not leaving home at all. It’s a time for containment and introspection. And one of the only respites is art. Music, books, films, TV shows – they’re all going to play an important role in how we experience the next few weeks, or months.

Music has the advantage of being able to offer entertainment, distraction or solace in a short space of time. One song can change a mood. One song can make us believe that everything isn’t as bad as it seems, even if only for a moment. Sarah McAdams – a singer-songwriter from the lower Blue Mountains, NSW – has released her debut EP in the midst of a time of flux and I for one am very pleased that it has come along. McAdams is a great country pop artist whose songs are full of heart and meaning, in which pragmatism wins over sentiment, and they are also entertainment. McAdams has a smooth, versatile voice that suits the four songs she has chosen, and those songs are moreish creations.

McAdams graduated from the CMAA Senior Academy of Country Music earlier this year, and no doubt she benefitted from the experience, but she already had a pedigree: attending ENCORE MUSIC CAMP with Nash Chambers, Morgan Evans and Harry Hookey, a songwriting workshop with Wes Carr, private mentor sessions with Wes Carr, MMAD 351 Camps, MMAD Programs, the very first Girls Rock Camp Canberra and Girls Rock Camp Sydney. She’s a proud member of the Macarthur Country Music Club and recently a finalist in 94.1 Today’s Country, Brand New Star. She also studied Music Performance at TAFE. It is, therefore, no surprise that this EP is an accomplished release by an artist who lets you know, very early, that she knows exactly what she’s doing. And on this day, in this age, that is both a relief and a treat.

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