Love Is The Loneliest Place artWell, now, this song is one of the best things that is going to happen to you today, this month, this year and no doubt for a very long time.

Emily Soon is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne who blends country music and soul, with the voice of a torch singer that also evinces a touching vulnerability. Her latest single is ‘Love is the Loneliest Place’ and it is a captivating, soaring and also heart-rending exploration of the human condition. As with her previous single, ‘Good Help is Hard to Find’, Soon teamed with producer Henry Wagons to record the single, and it was done live with a band at Wagons’s home studio on the Mornington Peninsula.

Soon wrote the song a while ago, and views it as a milestone in her creative and personal growth. ‘I wrote [the song] in my very early 20s,’ she says, ‘reflecting on a friend’s break up and the real powerful, raw image of their sadness and exhaustion … I’d never experienced those feelings. The song helped me to comprehend the situation as best as I could, also becoming a lesson for myself on the importance of empathy, patience and time.’

Soon is an Australian-born Malaysian-Chinese artist who has been creating music in her home town for the past few years, as well in Nashville and Toronto. While she had shows booked in the months ahead, it’s unlikely some will go ahead – which is even more reason to listen to this song on your favourite streaming service. Like me, you’ll probably just loop it over and over.

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