LLSB_FightingForAir_3000x3000The Little Lord Street Band is a five-piece alt country band from Western Australia who have played hundreds of stages across Australia over the past five years. They have released three EPs, the latest in 2018 (Waking Up Next to You). 

Their latest single is ‘Fighting for Air’. Says frontwoman Tash Shanks of the song’s powerful lyrics, ‘I wrote this song about four years ago when I was really struggling with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. I was paranoid about everything to do with my friends, family, workplace and music. I couldn’t escape this feeling of dread. It honestly felt like I couldn’t breathe . . . or function as a human. When I’m out surfing with my family and found when I’m caught in the impact zone, the panic in fighting for air isn’t too dissimilar to on land with mental health.’

Shanks hopes the song will encourage others to seek help for their mental health struggles – as she did – and know they’re not alone. Given that many people who are now self-isolating or simply separated from colleagues, friends and family by circumstance, this song’s purpose is more important than ever.

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