unnamed-9Jody Direen is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand who has spent quite a bit of time in Australia since she released her second album Shake Up in 2016, joining the Wolfe Brothers on tour and appearing at the inaugural Country2Country Festival last year. Direen is an exciting live performer who is also committed to managing all facets of her life in music, and that balance of professionalism and dynamism has won her many fans.

Direen has recorded a new album, Smoking Ashes, due for release in July, and for those fans the release is much anticipated – so they’ll be very pleased with her new single, ‘My Fire’.

Says Direen of the song, ‘”My Fire” is an empowering song with a global message; encouraging strength, resilience when life knocks you down. I wrote this over the past two years, pulling together and drawing inspiration from various personal experiences of hardships that we all experience. Coincidentally, this song’s release couldn’t come at a better time than now. To the listeners: I hope it helps instil strength and replaces any feelings of anxiety and stress (caused by the current global crisis) with that of no-fear and hope.’


‘My Fire’ is out now through ABC Music/Universal.

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