Over the past month some industry heavyweights – including the two Adams – released new music, and there were some great new songs from emerging artists. The full track list for the April 2020 Spotify playlist appears below.

Adam Brand – ‘Fly’

Adam Harvey – ‘Highway Number One’

Cass Hopetoun – ‘Shots’

Emily Markham – ‘How the Story Ends’

Emily Soon – ‘Love is the Loneliest Place’

Jade Gibson – ”Til We Fly’

Jody Direen – ‘My Fire’

Joel McKay – ‘Living to Survive’

Lee Kernaghan – ‘Keep on Truckin”

Michelle Cashman – ‘Guys Like You’

Natalie Pearson – ‘Let ‘Em Talk’

Oh Harlow – ‘Don’t Open That Door’

Paula Standing – ‘Hiding Out in Tuscany’

Rachael Dee – ‘Little Eyes’

Raechel Whitchurch – ‘I Found Home’

Sarah McAdams – ‘Train Wreck Hearts’

The Buckleys – ‘Money’

The Cartwheels – ‘Kookaburra Calling’

The Little Lord Street Band – ‘Fighting For Air’

The McClymonts – ‘I Got This’