SINGLE ART - Home Is Where You Are - Lauren JaimesAmerican singer-songwriter Lauren Jaimes is originally from Miami, Florida, and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. She attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music and in 2018 released the EP Here to Stay, a blend of country, folk and Americana that won Best Female EP from LA Music Critics Awards for Indie Artists.

Among her musical influences Jaimes cites Kacey Musgraves and John Denver – and both can be detected (not in an overbearing way) in her new single, ‘Home is Where You Are’. Lyrically, Musgraves’s sass and Denver’s sentimentality are there, in that Jaimes is unafraid to be open hearted while also being clear that it’s not because she wants to wallow in emotion but, rather, to state something directly. And she has her own identity and story to tell – in this case, it includes the very timely message that ‘home is where you are’. Home is where we all are, of course, and this video will help you feel more upbeat about it.

The accompanying video is a one-shot affair filmed in Brooklyn by Forrest Weber. Jaimes was set to appear at her first music festival later this month – while that is unlikely to occur now, fans can still get up and dance (yes, get off that isolation couch!) to the song. And maybe put it on repeat to keep the good mood going.

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