fullsizeoutput_2b3Isolation has affected everyone differently. Some of us – those who are introverts, most likely – have crawled into proverbial shells with Netflix or equivalent. Some are itching to get out and are taking advantage of the rules that allow for walking and running and swimming. Some musicians have been streaming live from their living rooms. And one, Melbourne singer-songwriter Lachlan Bryan, has created an actual show, Drunken Piano Bar. What started as Bryan playing an assortment of covers and songs from his back catalogue had, by its second week, become a show with structure, and segments featuring some of his bandmates from The Wildes, Shaun Ryan and Damian Cafarella, and even a guest artist, Catherine Britt, streamed in to play a duet. By week three the streamed-in guest was in the USA: Hannah Aldridge, with whom Bryan recently shared a stage (along with Ben Leece) in the inaugural Tenuous Rounds shows. You can see highlights from that show below:

Bryan is taking requests – via video selfie only – and all songs are played on piano. The selection is eclectic and interesting – and the arrangements often unique to this format. In short, in its short life the Drunken Piano Bar has become a must-see musical experiment, with the benefit for the audience of knowing that the quality of music will always be great. You don’t have to know Bryan or his music to enjoy it, but it does help if you bring a sense of curiosity and humour, and a willingness to sit back and be entertained for an hour.

That hour happens on Monday nights at 10 p.m. AEST. Live on Facebook www.facebook.com/lachlanbryanmusic1/ and Instagram www.instagram.com/lachlanbryan/