PilgrimageAnzac Day is a significant day for many Australians – primarily, of course, for those who served and continue to serve, and also for those whose families have been affected by any of the wars of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. And that’s pretty much all of us. The dawn service is a ritual and it takes place across the country, and in some locations overseas. There will be no dawn services this year, for obvious reasons; no two-up, no gathering of mates at the pub. So we need to find different ways to commemorate the day.

Music is an integral part of any Anzac Day service, and each year usually a few songs are released just before Anzac Day, offering a different kind of musical service. Kevin Sullivan is a singer-songwriter from the south coast of New South Wales. A former forensic police crime-scene investigator, he attended the CMAA Senior Academy of Country Music in 2018 and released his debut album, Belonging. He’s now released ‘Pilgrimage’, a song for Anzac Day. If you are trying to find a new way to mark the day this year, spending four minutes with this song would be an appropriate way to honour the spirit of Anzac. It describes, in part, the pilgrimage of Sullivan and his brother to Gallipoli and France in 2015, and the service of their grandfather, uncles and relatives.

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