We’ve all been stuck at home for a while with not much chance of any kind of party, let alone a porch party – but that’s precisely why the new single from Jayne Denham is the antidote to the stuck-at-home blues. Denham is a country rock powerhouse, and for ‘Porch Party’ she enlisted two other powerful singers in the form of Australian country artists Jasmine Rae and Amber Lawrence. The trio flew to Brisbane to record the song with producer Andrew Cochrane, and united again to film the video, which also has appearances from Troy Kemp, Drew McAlister, Damian Baguley from The Viper Creek Band and Simply Bushed.

‘We had a ball doing the clip,’ says Denham, ‘with no idea that a few days later the the world was about to be turned upside down and the music industry along with much of the country was about to be shut down.

‘So as we all need to stay at home for a bit, the good news is we ARE able to have a “Porch Party” with our family and neighbours, even if it’s over the fence. So we hope you enjoy the new song and the video, and it helps take your mind off the upheaval that we are all going through at the moment.’

If you’re feeling like your feet are dragging – literally or metaphorically – this is the song to get you out of those doldrums. And there’s nothing wrong with having a porch party on your own on a balcony … just crank up the volume and pretend it’s February 2020 when parties were still allowed!

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