The word ‘treasure’ gets bandied about a bit, particularly in the Australian vernacular: ‘she’s a treasure’, ‘national treasure’, ‘pleasure, treasure’. That’s not to say that it isn’t meant sincerely every time, but it’s a reason to say that when using it in the case of singer-songwriter Felicity Urquhart, it is deeply, truly meant. Urquhart is a country music treasure, and she is treasured by many. Her singing, songwriting and instrumental abilities are extraordinary; her generosity of heart and spirit is endless. To be in her audience is to experience joy, every single time. She is a supporter of other artists through her role on Saturday Night Country on ABC radio. She is a valued collaborator, most notably in the band Bennett Bowtell & Urquhart.

Last year Urquhart released her latest album, Frozen Rabbit. Not long afterwards her husband, Glen Hannah, who was also the album’s producer, died suddenly. That might suggest an extra layer of poignancy to her latest single, ‘Speck of Dust’, but that would also suggest that Urquhart doesn’t already infuse her songs with nuances and textures that are discovered with repeated listening.

Says Urquhart of the song, ‘In these unusual times I have felt a myriad of emotions like everyone. Thank goodness for the core thread of love and friendship to see us through these challenges. I wrote this song with a dear friend, Jeremy Edwards, posing questions about our existence and how small we really are in the big picture.’

The song is thoughtful and thought-provoking, and it’s also uplifting. These are actually hallmarks of Urquhart’s songs, from the start of her career: she has never shied away from exploring the sharp angles of life, while also offering her listener beauty. Or perhaps the beauty is in that exploration.

The song’s release was accompanied by a beautifully shot video which shows various aspects of The Australian landscape.

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