Melbourne singer-songwriter Dom Italiano debuted in the iTunes top 30 Country chart with his new single, ‘The Italiano’, which also features one of Australia country music’s great voices, Gretta Ziller.

Italiano says that the song is ‘about how we exist in conflict with everything and that’s why we struggle through life and we don’t understand why that is.’

Yet, as a line in the song goes, ‘nothing lifts the gaze as much as hope. The miracle it seems is that so many learn to cope’.

‘It’s about understanding that that’s what happens everywhere anyway,’ says Italiano, ‘and it is something to be embraced, whether you like it or not; that’s how stuff is.’

While Italiano would be more than capable of singing the song alone, the addition of Ziller enhances the idea of opposites expressed in the lyrics – and also implies that we are not alone with the paradoxes of life, just as neither singer is alone in the song.

With gigs a little thin on the ground at the moment, Italiano has been playing two online gigs a day and taking supporters on a virtual world tour. He is currently writing and recording a new song each week in 2020, and has a new album, The Hurt Party, due for release in June.

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