Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes are an eminent Australian Americana country music band. Bryan is a wonderful singer. Musically, lyrically, he and the band consistently produce great songs and albums. In the middle of last year they released ‘The Road’, the first single from a forthcoming album. It was a melancholic – and realistic – meditation on a life dedicated to the road, where the road could also be a metaphor for a mission of any kind, including the artistic one.

The second single from the album is the just-released ‘You Remind Me of Myself’. For a longtime fan of the band, the song may initially be a surprise. It’s not a country song as such a thing is usually known (for one thing, there’s a drum machine). While the Wildes have released uptempo numbers before, this is positively peppy. But the surprise gives way to recognition, because this song is absolutely within the realm of Bryan’s and the Wildes’ creative output: the lyrics are intelligent and intriguing, and there is Bryan’s voice, which has always been very well suited to country music but is also a highly adaptable instrument.

And there is also the fact that, like several of their songs, it’s catchy. Really bloody catchy. Once listened to, hard to forget, and you’ll be happy about that. There is so much art and science in writing a catchy song that someone’s probably done a PhD on it, but instead of reading that PhD you could, instead, listen to ‘You Remind Me of Myself’ for a masterclass in how it’s done.

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