Only One - ArtworkNew Zealand singer-songwriter Miranda Easten became known to Australian country music audiences earlier this year when she released ‘Cowboy Lullaby’, which jumped to number 16 on the Australian Official Top 40 Country Music Chart in April. However, Christchurch-based Easten is not new to the music industry – in 2014 she formed a duo called The Manuka Set with Vanessa Kelly, and they had three number 1 hit singles in their home country.

Easten has now released her second solo single, ‘Only One’. It is, she says, ‘an uplifting song about proclaiming an unbreakable love for someone, when it feels like no words are adequate or worthy enough. I’m a sucker for love and other people will find the song very relatable. It’s a classic love song.’

The song is instantly memorable and anthemic, and Easten has a fantastic country-pop voice that perfectly suits the melody.

‘Only One’ was recorded with Greg Haver at Roundhead Studios in Auckland and will appear on Easten’s debut album, which is set for release later this year. Written in under an hour, Easten says working on the track with Greg and the team at Roundhead Studios was amazing. ‘I had to keep pinching myself,’ she says. ‘I had a lot of input into the single and, even though it was the first time we had worked together, Greg knew how I wanted it to sound.’

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