HDStillWaters-singlecoverThe Hello Darlins are a Canadian band with members of exceptional pedigree: Calgary-based vocalist/producer Candace Lacina and keyboardist/producer Mike Little (known as MFL). They are both in-demand session musicians, and six years after first meeting at a recording studio, they formed The Hello Darlins. The band also includes several other experienced and respected Canadian musicians.

‘We thought it would be fun to put together a band with long-time, professional musicians who are often the people “behind the songs” you hear on the radio,’ says Lacina. ‘It’s a “collective” – with friends and special guests. It’s like the Broken Social Scene of Americana.’

The Hello Darlins’ new single, ‘Still Waters’, is a slice of musical perfection. There is a finely tuned balance of elements, and of voices – Lacina along with an appearance by revered singer-songwriter Matt Andersen – that is no doubt due to the experience of the artists involved, restraint so often being the result of learning to edit your own work.

The Hello Darlins have plans to release an album but they are on hold for the time being – as so much is – but this song is so lovely it can be listened to over and over, so that may well tide fans over until the album is released.


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