ROZ PAPPALARDO PUBLICITYRoz Pappalardo has appeared on this site before under her own name and as part of Women in Docs, who have appeared at the Tamworth Country Music Festival – and just about every other festival over the course of their popular career.

Pappalardo will release a solo album, Sound the Alarm, later this year and the second single is ‘Immune’. It’s a driving rock anthem about having the power to stand on your own.

Says Pappalardo, ‘I wrote this song then. 2 years ago BC (Before Covid) … when my world seemed like it was in apocalypse … but now it is.  I’ve realised I am a mass gathering specialist – the more people the better – in my professional and personal life, so learning to live with myself as a result of that realisation has been quite the journey. It’s been a short journey, but a steep, steep learning curve. What I’ve understood is that I’m a fighter, a warrior and pretty much OK on my own. I’m strong. Immune.’

The track may have been written BC but we’re now in-the-midst-of-C and it is the right song at the right time for anyone who needs some motivation and encouragement – and for those who just like to turn the music up loud and sing at the top of their lungs.