2fdf25_84f2c886bb174b83aafcc7972ac6401d~mv2Corn Nut Creek is a duo made up of very fine musicians and singers Tanya Bradley and Danielle Vita. Melbourne-based Bradley met Sydney-based, New York native Danielle Vita nine years ago in Hong Kong, where they played together as part of folk orchestra the Dulcet Tone Collective. They discovered a mutual love of bluegrass music and since then have been writing and performing together.

Feels Like Travelling Home is their first EP and features the duo’s key instruments of fiddle (Vita) and banjo (Bradley), and their complementary and contrasting vocals. The five tracks draw on traditions of bluegrass, Americana and folk, and form an often lively collection of tunes that will greatly please aficionados of those traditions as well as appealing to newcomers.

Instrumental track ‘Chicken in the Kitchen/Harper & Louis’ is as much fun as the title suggests. Some of the songs, such as the sublime ‘Baby Blue’, recount experiences of new motherhood. All five tracks are infused with the duo’s expertise, and with love – it is clear that they love what they are doing because there is a lightness to the vocals that doesn’t suggest the lyrics aren’t serious (because they can be) so much as indicating that Bradley and Vita are in the right place at the right time, doing what brings them joy.


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