unnamed-17If you were watching the Red Rebel Music showcase during the recent Hats off to Country festival, you would have seen a very impressive performance from Kaitlyn Thomas. Although she’s still young Thomas has an impressive pedigree, writing, recording and releasing music from a young age, as well as recently recording the song ‘Nervous Girls’ with Bec Lavelle and others.

Thomas’s latest song is the highly entertaining country-rock track ‘Coulda Shoulda Woulda’. The song was the result of a spontaneous co-write at the DAG Songwriters Retreat in Nundle, NSW and was finished within a couple of hours.

‘It just kind of happened while we were waiting around for others to finish writing. We were talking about dating apps and past experiences of how you should have seen the warning signs and red flags after the very first date,’ says Thomas.

‘I wanted the song to have a Shania Twain rock feel as I felt the song has her kind of sassiness. I’m super happy with the result and I think we achieved that Shania vibe.’

Even if you can’t directly relate to the lyrics, the song is proof that Thomas is an artist on the rise, combining powerful vocals with her sense of humour and storytelling skill.

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