The latest Australian country music singles, from the past month. For previous months, go to the Playlists page. The track listing appears after the playlist.

Adam Brand – ‘Just a Love Song’

Amber Lawrence, Aleyce Simmonds, Kirsty Lee Akers, Dianna Corcoran – ‘True Blue’

Andy Penkow – ‘Wildflowers’

Angus Gill & Seasons of Change – ‘3 Minute Movie’

Benny Allen – ‘The Battle of Point Nepean’

Cass Hopetoun – ‘Typical Bride’

Chelsea Berman – ‘Can You Just Not’

Corey Legge – ‘Fireball’

Dean Perrett – ‘Six Decks to Darwin’

Gareth Leach – ‘Honey’

Gene Bradley Fisk – ‘Kaanglang Dreaming’

Grace Amos – ‘Listen Real Closely’

Gretta Ziller – ‘Unlikely Believer’

Hayley Marsten – ‘Pretty’

James Ellis and the Jealous Guys – ‘I Wish That I Was Honky Tonkin”

Kaitlyn Thomas – ‘Coulda Shoulda Woulda’

Katrina Burgoyne – ‘It All Falls Down’

Leigha Moore – ‘Lightning Bolt’

Lucie Tiger – ‘Greenwood’

Matt Scullion – ‘Big’

Matt Ward – ‘Tattoos, Trucks and Country Music’

Melody Moko – ‘Last Cigarette’

Michelle Cashman – ‘Please Forgive Me’

Michelle Little – ”Nice to See You’

NeillyRich – ‘My Town’

Peachfield – ‘Map Drawn from Memory’

Rachael Dee – ‘Braveheart’

Raechel Whitchurch – ‘My Father’

Riley Catherall – ‘Leave Me Out to Dry’

The April Family – ‘Fortune Teller’

The Bloomvilles – ‘The Rain and the River’

The McClymonts – ‘Free Fall’

The New Graces – ‘Misty’

Travis Collins – ‘Girl Outta the Country’