unnamed-20Singer-songwriter Raechel Whitchurch is preparing to release an album in early 2021 – and her new single, ‘My Father’, almost didn’t make it onto that album, as Whitchurch only presented it to producer Matt Fell on the last day of recording. Whitchurch says of the song, ‘I’ve always wanted to write a song about my dad and how we are such similar people, but it felt like I would never be able to find the right words. I’d been working on the song for three years and felt like I’d finally said everything that I needed to, but I never imagined that a song so personal would make it on to my record.’


Angus Gill has been writing and recording from a young age, releasing three albums, andunnamed-21
was nominated for a Golden Guitar this year. He has a new project, Angus Gill & Seasons of Change, working with some members of Paul Kelly’s band. Their first single is ‘3 Minute Movie’, the result of Gill spending a few weeks in Nashville to wrie, and there is an album on the way.


Rachael-Dee-Braveheart-3000pxRockhampton artist Rachael Dee has released her second single, ‘Braveheart’. Using the central image of a storm, it’s about managing the difficulties of life: ‘People need to know they are not alone, that it is okay and necessary to allow yourself to feel,’ says Dee, ‘and to know that we all have the strength to persist and come through the storm. There has never been a better time to release this song.’