GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH ARTWORK - DBB‘Greatest Show on Earth’ is the result of a collaboration between Golden Guitar winner Amber Lawrence and American band the Davisson Brothers, who have a large Australian following – they’ve had a #1 hit on country radio in Australia, a #1 video on CMC, and were invited to perform at CMC Rocks. Such was their popularity here that CMC offered the band their own show on the CMC Network.

The Davisson Brothers – Donnie Davisson (vocals) and Chris Davisson(guitars) and drummer Aaron Regester – and Lawrence became friends and fans of each other in 2018, when the band’s first single ‘Po Boyz’ was at the top of the Australian charts. Since then the band has appeared several times on Lawrence’s weekly iHeart Radio show Amber Nights; it was after one of these appearances in March this year that the Davisson invited Lawrence to a songwriting session – via Zoom – with their friend Rob Snyder. The result is an inspirational, upbeat song that addresses these times and also looks beyond them, to when ‘the storm clouds pass’.

Chris Davisson says, We asked Amber her thoughts on writing about what artists are going through in regards to the COVID-19 lockdowns on live performances. She immediately said “Yes”. She even had a title and lyrics in mind.’

From there the song developed quickly and, produced by Dan Frizsell, each musician recorded their part in their home country. The result is a powerful, anthemic song – and proof of what can be achieved even when the world is topsy-turvy.

‘I’m thrilled that the end result of a Zoom songwriting session is the recording and release of this amazing song,’ says Lawrence, ‘an inspiring memo that we’re all in this together, no matter where we are in the world.’

It’s by no means Lawrence’s only endeavour over the past few months – with three other artists she recorded and released a cover of John Williamson’s ‘True Blue’, is putting the finishing touches on a new album and working on a third children’s album. And there’s a video in the works for ‘Greatest Show on Earth’.


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