Music can provide support and succour. It can entertain, amuse, and sometimes drag you down. In the case of ‘Wheels Won’t Roll’ by Melbourne duo The Weeping Willows, it’s a great big relief. Not just relief because it’s the first new music from the pair since their 2017 album Before Darkness Comes a-Callin’ (apart from ‘The Roses Fall’, a duet with Allan Caswell) and it is exceptionally wonderful to have a tune from them, but also because on first listening it’s hard not to feel like you can put your feet up and enjoy being in the company of very fine musicians, in the form of band members Laura Coates and Andrew Wrigglesworth, and appreciate the fact that this song is a piece of joy.

As always, Wrigglesworth and Coates sing beautifully together, and the song is both in a traditional style and very much of its time, given that all of our wheels are not currently rolling. The Weeping Willows are here, though, to give us some escapism – and anticipation, as a new album is surely not too far away.

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