Nashville-based Australian singer-songwriter Katrina Burgoyne recently released the single ‘It All Falls Down’ and has quickly followed it with the bundle of joy that is ’25 Cents in the Ashtray’. The song was inspired by Burgoyne’s experiences arriving in Music City, with her visa restricting her to only being able to work as a musician. ‘I would take a gig anywhere,’ she says. ‘I drove three hours to make $150; I was scared, broke and alone. But I promised myself that someday I would look back and think how amazing the time really was.’ Her new song keeps that promise.

Accompanying the song is a music video co-created by Burgoyne with her boyfriend, Stephen Kinney, who also produced the single. ‘Creating this project has been a really wonderful journey for us to combine our passion for music, film and photography,’ says Burgoyne.


Melburnian Andrew Swift recently released ‘I Never Meant to Break Your Heart’, the first single from his forthcoming album, which will be released in 2021. He has followed it with ‘Right on Down’, which is, says Swift, ‘all about coming home to someone at the end of the day, someone to unwind with, someone to make you feel better when it’s been a rough day. I’ve often romanticised over that concept and I think this year in particular more people are probably appreciating having loved ones to come to and someone to hug when times are tough.’

Swift is a dynamic live performer and his spirit and vigour come across in this song – so while it may be some time before you can see him play live, you can get a dose of that experience in ‘Right on Down’.