Vanessa Bourne is from Phillip Island in Victoria – although she has been stuck in the UK for the past few months, trying to return home after recording her album Young at Heart in February in Nashville.

The title track has now been released as a single, following on from ‘Lyin’ Cheatin’ Heart’. Written by Bourne and her producer, Curt Ryle, it was chosen as the title track because it mentions Bourne’s favourite artist, Merle Haggard (who is also a favourite of Troy Cassar-Daley). Haggard’s inspiration – if not direct influence – can be heard in the song, and Bourne’s traditional style does honour to Haggard and artists like Patsy Cline. Bourne has a wonderful voice: crisp and clear while also being warm. You can imagine her singing this song to one other person, or to a whole room of rapt listeners.

Bourne began her musical career in 2014 performing covers and by 2017 had begun composing original works. She has always loved traditional country music due to her parents’ keen appreciation of the genre, and it clearly suits her very well, as the lovely single shows.

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