This month’s Spotify playlist features – as usual – singles that were released by Australian country music artists in the past month. The full track listing appears after the playlist.

Aaron D’Arcy – ‘The Wind’

Abbie Ferris – ‘Bad Boy Crush’

Andrew Farriss – ‘All the Stars Are Mine’

Andrew Swift – ‘Right on Down’

Andy Penkow – ‘The Biggest Hearts Can Break’

Angus Gill feat. Steve Earle – ‘The New Old Me’

Ben Mastwyk – ‘The Rest’

Benny Allen – ‘Lady Luck & Me’

Brad Butcher – ‘I Walk the Line Revisited’

Brad Cox feat. Adam Eckersley – ‘Remedy’

Casey Barnes – ‘Bright Lights’

Cassidy-Rae – ‘Ton of Bricks’

Chelsea Berman – ‘Your Call’

Darlinghurst – ‘Gotta Go Rodeo’

David Schaak – ‘Honey Pot’

Dianne Lindsay – ‘Graveyard Hill’

Ella & Sienna – ‘Save Your Breath’

Emily Hatton – ‘Why’d You Have To’

Frecko – ‘Good Times’

Hannah Lee – ‘Just Look Back’

James Ellis and the Jealous Guys – ‘A Thousand Tears’

John Krsulja – ‘The World Keeps Turning On Its Own’

Katie Jayne – ‘Why Can’t You Love Me?’

Katrina Burgoyne – ’25 Cents in the Ashtray’

Kevin Sullivan – ‘Against the Tide’

Larry Cann – ‘The Battle’

Lucie Tiger – ‘Gasoline’

Melanie Dyer – ’20s’

Melody Moko – ‘Like Hank Would’

Michael Carpenter and the Banks Brothers – ‘There’s No One Like You’

Michael Waugh – ‘Be There’

Mitch Dean – ‘Holding Back the Levee’

Neville Anderson – ‘Sunrise on the Edge of Town’

Rhode Eyes – ‘Caught Me Again’

Roo Arcus – ‘Lovin’ Right’

Rory Ellis – ‘The Next Shipwreck’

Small Town Romance feat. Anne Kirkpatrick – ‘I Don’t Believe You’

Tammy Moxon – ‘Survive’

Team Love – ‘Education’

The English Rain – ‘Baby Please’

Tom Curtain – ‘In the West’

Vanessa Bourne – ‘Young at Heart’

Vixens of Fall – ‘The Long Game’

William Crighton – ‘Your Country’