Earlier this year Sydney-based singer-songwriter Dani Young released the outstanding single ‘Outback Lullaby’, the follow-up to the wonderful ‘Stepping Stones’. With the release of new single ‘Blaze’ it is now fair to say that we can expect Young to release high-quality music each and every time. ‘Blaze’ is a story of destruction and Young’s emergence from it. It features Damien Leith on backing vocals, supporting Young’s powerful, emotive voice. The song is available in studio and acoustic versions.



The 2020 Star Maker winner Sammy White probably hasn’t had the year she was expecting – not able to tour in the wake of that win, for one thing – but she has been steadily releasing great singles ahead of the release of her debut album, Undone, on 13 November. The latest single is ‘Home (Feels Like You)’. It’s a song about family and connection, with White saying, ‘I grew up on my nan and pop’s hobby farm just north of Townsville city. Between the five of us, with my mum and older brother, we didn’t have a lot, but always made do. To this day, Poppy is still one of my favourite people. When I’m home, I spend at least half my time with him. Unfortunately Nan passed in 2017. Her paintings coat the walls of our house and make it feel that little bit less empty. She was my number one fan (biased grannies always are, right?). She really was something.’

Preorder Undone: https://ditto.fm/undone-sammy-white