For those who don’t know the work of Caitlin Harnett, you have very enjoyable homework: listening to her EP Tiny Spark, and albums All in the Golden Afternoon and The River Runs North. It’s not necessary homework, but why deny yourself the treat? Harnett has been writing melodically lush, lyrically layered songs for several years, and these earlier songs are the foundation upon which she and her band, The Pony Boys, have built their new single, ‘5AM’, which appears on their upcoming album.

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys have, since their founding in 2015, developed a devoted live following and their recorded sound has the energy of a band whose members know each other well enough to let each element shine. There’s nothing to prove, only great music to produce. This is evident in ‘5AM’ and in the previous single, ‘Make You Feel Blue’. It’s only reasonable, given Harnett’s individual form and that of the band, to expect that the album is going to be something special.

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