Three years ago folk-influenced singer-songwriter Ella Belfanti released her debut EP Going in Circles and indicated that she’d have much to offer music fans. Now she’s part of a new Brisbane band, TYDE, and they’ve recently released an impactful single, ‘Skin on Skin’, which reflects on an experience of no-strings-attached intimacy, and the emotional repercussions, and which is made more powerful by Belfanti’s voice.

Says Belfanti, who came up with the idea for the song while working as a ski instructor in 2019: ‘During my third back-to-back winter amongst a very transient social set, I was feeling pretty lonely. After a few drinks on a big night out, I sought out connection in a way that usually wouldn’t be my style. “Skin On Skin” is about how it didn’t make me feel the way I wanted it to.’ 

The other band members are Belfanti’s 15-year-old sister, bass prodigy Zoe Belfanti, and drummer Josh Garnett. The music video was shot across two locations, the video features Brisbane’s West End and a rustic cottage in Tambourine. Says the band: ‘The concept was to create this surreal space between the reality of going home the morning after a one night stand, and the emotional rollercoaster that can happen in your head. We wanted to capture the process of reflecting on the experience – specifically in this story, on feeling detached and feeling strange in your own skin.’

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