LEO is an indie-folk/alt-country artist who has a debut EP coming at the end of November. From it she has released the single ‘Evergreen’. It was recorded in LEO’s campervan using solar power and she worked remotely with producer Syd Green, who also mixed the track, which was mastered by Harvey O’Sullivan at Studios 301.

The inspiration behind the song came, says LEO, when ‘I was driving one day and Elton John’s “Your Song” played on the radio. I like that it’s a song about a song, so I set myself the task of writing one like that. “Evergreen” is based on the idea of writing a song about someone and contemplating that person’s reaction should they realise it’s about them … That’s not meant to sound as creepy as it does.’

The delivery of the song – with LEO’s delicate, articulate vocals and a restrained musical backing to complement them – makes it clear that it’s a contemplation rather than anything uncomfortable.

The song’s video, having its premiere here today, was filmed, as LEO says, at the end of the road in Yass, NSW, by Lindsay Martin, and edited by Victoria Vigenser.

Facebook: @leooriginalmusic

Instagram: @leo_o_music