This year has been so challenging for musicians all over the world but music is still being produced – artists are still making life better for the rest of us by showing us their best. Australian country music artists have continued their excellence, and there are many examples of it in this playlist, which contains single releases from the past month. Track listing after the playlist.

Allison Forbes – ‘Bonedigger’

Bec Lavelle – ‘Sunny Came Home’

Bill Tolson – ‘Golden Rule’

Brad Cox – ‘Short Lived Love’

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys – ‘5AM’

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys – ‘Don’t Give Up on Me’

Dani Young – ‘Blaze’

Denvah – ‘How Could You’

Hudson Rose – ‘Never See Me Cry’

Jade Holland – ‘Do it Right’

Jasmine Rae – ‘Gentle Man’

Jayne Denham – ‘Better Make It a Double’

Jed Zarb – ‘The Archibald Hotel’

Kieran Lancini – ‘The Reason’

Kora Naughton – ‘Lay Down & Die’

Laura T Davis – ‘Make it Till Christmas’

Lee Kernaghan with The Wolfe Brothers – ‘Till it Ends’

LEO – ‘Evergreen’

Matt Ward & Bonnie Montgomery – ‘Old Ground’

Missy Lancaster – ‘Wild’

Rory Ellis – ‘Invisible Arrows’

Sammy White – ‘Home (Feels Like You)’

Sharna Burcher – ‘Backwards Town’

The Bloomvilles – ‘Sun Goes Down’

The Silverline – ‘Walking the Wall’

The Wolfe Brothers – ‘Anybody Ever’

William Alexander – ‘Ridin’