Late last year Western Australia singer-songwriter Tanya Ransom released the single ‘Armour’, from an EP set for release in 2021. Her new single is ‘Cyclone’, which immediately lodges itself inside the listener because it feels like a direct transmission from Ransom. In the closing refrain ‘nothing ever stays the same’ we hear Ransom’s weariness, and it’s relatable because, well, this has been a year in which nothing has stayed the same.

It is no accident that Ransom is reflecting the times we’re living in. ‘What began as a cyclonic relationship has shifted into the turbulent uncertain times we find ourselves coping with in the past year,’ she says of the song’s origins. ‘The relationship has become a metaphor for this crazy time we are living in right now. I’d like to think that is conveyed to people when they’re listening to the song and amongst the chaos and rubble they find some hope and resolution.’

‘Cyclone’ was recorded on Wardandi Boodja country (Margaret River) with Ransom’s long-time collaborator and good friend Dave Mann – with whom she’s made two albums – and the accompanying video was produced by Harry Jakamarra and Marlikka Perdrisat, and filmed on Rubibi, Djugun, Yawuru country (Broome).