Sydney artist Cass Hopetoun released her debut single, ‘Shots’, in March and followed it with ‘Typical Bride’ in July. Her latest single is ‘Fortune Teller’, a gutsy, almost impactful song that was inspired by a trip to New Orleans where Hopetoun went to see a fortune teller and was inspired to write about one.

‘I wanted to capture the New Orleans vibe – all those jazzy and mysterious flavours that the streets of the French Quarter have to offer,’ she says. ‘The song evolved into being about people who they think they know what’s best for you. This is me telling them to mind their own business.’

The song was produced by Matt Fell and the video was produced by Tribal Apes Productions and directed by Bruce Dawson, who have made both of Hopetoun’s previous videos. Hopetoun trained at NIDA – a background that’s been very useful for making the videos – and says of the video for ‘Fortune Teller’, ‘I wanted to do something different with this video and add choreography into the mix. It was important that the choreography captured the essence of the song – that moody, jazzy almost theatre-esque vibe. We set the video in a rehearsal studio at Opera Australia’s Sydney headquarters. Bruce and his team put a lot of effort into the lighting and captured the mood perfectly. I’m so happy that what we saw in our heads has to come to life in the video.’

Now that gigs are happening again, Hopetoun will support the release of the single by opening for Shane Nicholson on 20 November at Gosford’s Laycock Theatre, and The Wolfe Brothers in Sydney early next year.