Adam James is a Quandamooka/Turrbul singer-songwriter from Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) who grew up in rural in New South Wales and Queensland, and found himself in Nashville recording with producer Stuie French to create his forthcoming third album, Russian Blue, which draws on James’s love for blues after releasing two country albums, The Country Singer and Children of the Sunrise. His link to blues and country is exemplified in his 2015 award as TSA’s best Alt-Country-Blues artist, and James has performed at Woodford Folk Festival, The Dreaming Festival, Canadian Aboriginal Music Week, Tamworth Country Music Festival, The Gympie Muster and Clancestry.

James’s new single, ‘Love We Lost’, is taken from Russian Blue, and it showcases his mellifluous voice. The album took five years to write, in part because James was dealing with the aftermath of surviving the 2017 Barcelona terrorist attack. The album has become, in part, his catharsis, and there is understandably darkness as well as light on ‘Love We Lost’.

‘Love We Lost’ is out now through ABC Music and Russian Blue will be released in 2021.