Using her voice, Bec Lavelle creates a whole world in one song – you experience all the shades of emotion and nuance for whatever is happening in the lyrics. Lavelle knows what she’s doing, of course – her career started as the vocalist for the soundtrack of hit Australian TV show McLeod’s Daughters, and she had to emulate what was happening in a scene in the song that accompanied it, and do it with very little notice. That experience has created an artist who is able to understand deeply what a song needs and deliver it, knowing that she needs to communicate it to the audience – and she gets it right on every single song on this album.

For IV Lavelle worked with a new collaborator, German producer Andrei Vesa, who appears on ‘Keeping You Up’, and the pair have created an album with rich pop, country and rock textures that provides Lavelle with opportunities to shine vocally. Other artists to appear include Cameron Daddo, on ‘No More Crying’, and Ben Ransom, on ‘There is a Star That Shines Tonight’. And, of course, there is the epic single ‘Nervous Girls’, which features Kora Naughton, Jem Cassar-Daley, Kaitlyn Thomas and Ingrid Mae. 

Over the course of IV you’ll go through exhilaration and contemplation, introspection and happiness. If you’re someone who goes seeking music that is going to help you feel rather than block out emotion – if you wish to, in other words, feel all the feels – Lavelle is the artist for you. IV is the perfect album for a day on the beach or a long walk – put your headphones in or on and be carried away into the worlds Lavelle creates. As a listener it’s always a relief to know, from the first bar, that you’re in very safe hands – that you can relax and let the artist do the work. Lavelle is so adept at making listeners feel like they can hand over their hearts and heads to her that all you need to do is press ‘play’ and let her transport you.

IV is out now through Red Rebel Music.