Such is Troy Cassar-Daley’s status in Australian country music – in Australian music in general – that even though five years have passed since he last released a studio album, his profile is as great as it ever was. He could probably not ever release another album and he’d always be a headliner at Tamworth, and that’s because of the body of work he has already accrued. For those who are unfamiliar with that work, it is worth spending time with his extensive catalogue, and going beyond the singles to find album tracks, because Cassar-Daley is not just a very fine singer but a songwriter prepared to explore the dark and the light, and to go deep into stories. (In fact, if you’re looking for a place to start, go to the 2005 album Brighter Day then work backwards and forwards from there.)

Cassar-Daley’s new single is ‘Back on Country’ and its release came with an announcement that he will release a new album, his eleventh, The World Today, on 19 March. Says Cassar-Daley of the track, ‘”Back On Country” is a term largely used by Indigenous Australians and it gives us the feeling of belonging. My dream is that everyone can feel connection and have the responsibility to look after Our land together as one people.’

‘Back on Country’ has rich musical layers supporting Cassar-Daley’s unmistakable voice. It’s a well-chosen single because as its lyrics act as a welcome to the listener, to country and to belonging, overall it feels like Cassar-Daley is issuing an invitation to listeners, to join him on whatever comes next. While for fans five years have no doubt been too many, the last ten albums have proved that Cassar-Daley will make it worth their while.