Anita Spring has a rich musical background, starting in musical theatre before going on to sing on TV shows including Sunrise, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Good Morning Australia and The Midday Show, as well as singing backing vocals for Powderfinger, Vanessa Amorosi, Tina Arena and Christine Anu, amongst others and working with musicians such as Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet) and Gary Barlow. Her country music journey began with a trip to Nashville in 2017 made after she performed at a charity conference in Atlanta. Inspired by what she found in Music City, she wrote songs every day on her return to Australia, then went back to Nashville in 2018 on a songwriting trip.

In 2020 Spring released two songs, ‘This Ain’t Pretty’ and ‘Still a Child’, which she wrote and co-produced. ‘Still a Child’ reached #7 on the AMRAP Regional Airplay Charts and #2 on the Australian Country Radio Charts, spending #8 weeks in the Top Ten. ‘It Ain’t Pretty’ had a strongly emotive feel and reached #2 on the AMRAP Regional Airplay Charts.  

Now Spring has an uplifting new single, ‘Midnight Train’, which is having its premiere here today, along with its video. The song is, says Spring, ‘about the current state of our world and deciding to escape the scariness of it all by choosing to have an optimistic outlook.’ 

The video reinforces the optimism of the lyrics and the joyful recording; it was produced by Apollo Films Brisbane and directed by Spring herself. ‘It’s a video that explores the dangers of city life and the decision to start fresh again in the country,’ says Spring. ‘I believe the world in which we live is riddled by power struggles. Everyone wants to be top, not matter who they hurt. It’s teaching our children such tough lessons and not the best lessons. Logical common sense must rule and that’s exactly what “Midnight Train” is all about. Packing up your baggage and leaving it out in the rain to deteriorate, moving on and not looking back, a no-nonsense approach to life.’


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