Toria Richings is a singer-songwriter from the UK who moved to Australia, with her family, in 2019. En route to their new home they spent time in Nashville and Memphis, and the experience reignited in Richings the love of songwriting she developed as a teenager. From the age of 12 she wrote songs, and by 18 she was playing gigs in local venues, playing covers and also originals. Thereafter life happened, as it does, but now that Richings has found her way back to songwriting and singing, she has emerged with an EP, Turning Tides. She has now released the single ‘Diamond Stone’, which is from her forthcoming EP of the same name.

Richings has great tone and depth to her voice, and her early influences from Neil Finn, Joan Baez and Neil Young are there in her ability to tell an intriguing story and deliver it in a way that keeps the listener’s attention, as she does on ‘Diamond Stone’. It doesn’t sound like she’s taken time away from music so much as spent the past few years becoming an artist ready to release mature work for an audience that appreciates thoughtful, memorable music.