Queensland artist Melissa Lukin may be emerging in country music but she has an impressive pedigree, having worked in pop, cabaret and musical theatre since the age of 16, including a stint in an ABBA cover band. The latter detail is important because, as anyone who has attempted to sing along (properly) to a ABBA song knows, those songs are hard vocally. They take great control and range – qualities Lukin has on display in her new single, ‘Caught Up in a Dream’. There have been several beautifully upbeat country pop songs released this year – perhaps as an antidote to 2020 – and this is one of the best, due to Lukin’s skill as a singer as well as the construction of the song.

The song is Lukin’s first release since the 2020 single ‘On the Water’. She says the song ‘is about carving out your own road and doing the things that feel right for you and not necessarily what society says. The dream of what life is “supposed” to be is not always what it’s “meant” to be. I had some amazing Nashville-based musicians play on this track and the wonderful Luke Batterbury produced it.’

Lukin has been announced for the Country on Keppel festival in July, appearing alongside Brad Butcher and Jasmine Rae. With gigs and festivals returning to Australian stages, Lukin will likely have a busy year – and one she’s prepared for, given her background.