Last year Daisy Spratt released the powerful single ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’, a song created around Victoria’s lockdowns which captured the emotion of the time. It was a change of direction from Spratt, musically and lyrically, as she opened her heart to her listeners. That direction has continued with her new single, ’23’, which is musically more uptempo than ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’ but which again has Spratt being vulnerable in her lyrics.

The song is, says Spratt, about ‘unmet expectations in the pursuit of a music career, becoming content with the fact that life doesn’t go to plan, and learning to pivot and adjust to those changes’. The refrain is ‘I thought that I would be famous at 23’ and there is certainly a bittersweetness – but no bitterness – to the way Spratt sings some of this story. However, the tone of the music is the key to how that story turned out: it’s poppy and uplifting. Spratt is older and wiser than she was at 23, but she’s still having fun with her music, and that means we can have fun listening to it.