Last year, in the midst of completing her last year of high school, NSW mid north coast artist Hudson Rose released her debut single, ‘Never See Me Cry’, which sounded more like the work of someone who had been writing and recording for years, so well developed are Rose’s melodic sensibilities and her voice to go along with those.

Her new single, ‘One More Kiss’, is another beautifully done country-pop track, written by Rose with Jackson Beazley, Lyn Bowtell and Jackson James, and produced by James and Rhys Zacher. It’s a song about cherishing moments and experiences, even while wanting that ‘one more kiss’. Rose matches the lyrics with an unhurried vocal delivery, reinforcing the message of the song by cherishing each note. In an age when we all seem to be rushing to do everything now, if not sooner, the message of ‘One More Kiss’ is that good things take time, and that time is worth taking. The accompanying video was made by Rose and James.