Another great month of new singles from Australian country music artists – the track listing appears after the playlist.

Aleyce Simmonds, Michael Cole & Karlee Cole – ‘The Promise’

Andy Penkow and Della Harris – ‘How Many Times’

Bella Mackenzie – ‘Ain’t For You’

Charlie Collins – ‘Honey Can We Run Away’

Felicity Urquhart and Josh Cunningham – ‘Spare Parts’

Jason Lee feat. Tania Kernaghan – ‘Dust Beneath My Boots’

Hello Jane – ‘Something Else’

Hudson Rose – ‘One More Kiss’

Jack Rayne – ‘Wrecking Myself’

Jeb Cardwell – ‘Self Doubt’

Kieran Lancini – ‘Hail Mary’

Logan Hoswell – ‘Stone Cold Heart’

Matt Ward – ‘Lost & Found’

Michaela Jenke – ‘Stop & Stare’

Michelle Cashman – ‘Praying for Rain’

Natalie D-Napoleon – ‘Gasoline & Liquor’

Natalie Henry – ‘Weed, Wine and Women’

O’Shea – ‘Nashville, Indiana’

Raechel Whitchurch – ‘Don’t Be Afraid’

Renee Jonas – ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’

Ruby Gilbert – ‘No Vacancy’

Sally-Anne Whitten – ‘Not Afraid of the Dark’

Sammy White – ‘Running Away Tonight’

Sari Abbott – ‘On My Mind’

Sharna Butcher – ‘The Hardest Parts’

Storm & Stone – ‘Town That Made Me’

The New Graces – ‘Farmer’s Daughter’

The Water Runners – ‘Ocean’

Tony Cook – ‘Long Live the Brave’

Trinity Woodhouse – ‘Don’t You Know’