Siblings August, Hallelujah and Auriel of the band Storm & Stone grew up in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales/Dharug country, all born in the same room in a two-bedroom miner’s cottage to parents of Hungarian, Scottish and Thai heritage. They grew up close but all came to music in different ways and at different times. August and Auriel both started singing at a young age, then writings song together. When their brother, Hallelujah, was old enough he joined them, playing guitar and writing songs; he also has a background in audio engineering and production.

That early cohesion has no doubt helped create the magic sound of August and Auriel’s voices in harmony, so beautifully evident on the band’s second single, ‘Town That Made Me’. The track overall is unhurried and sincere, the offering of a band whose members are in sync with each other. And while sibling harmonies may come fairly naturally, it’s clear that the siblings are accomplished singers, and that’s what gives the track its sweet power.

Storm & Stone’s debut single, ‘Bad’, was independently released earlier this year; their new single is, they say, ‘a tribute to the people that made us. Our family and everyone that made a difference in our lives. It’s about the town that we were born in and the people who raised us.’

The song has already been a finalist in the Song of the Year International Songwriting Competition, and it also slated to be a key part of the new Australian feature film Love You Like That, due out later in 2021.