Jeb Cardwell is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Melbourne who will already be familiar to Australian country music fans because he played on the Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson album Wreck & Ruin – and it is Chambers who provides backing vocals for his new single, ‘Self Doubt’ (he also plays guitar, square-neck dobro and banjo for Chambers on tour).

Cardwell can add ‘voice’ to the brace of instruments he wields adeptly, as it’s his voice that leaps out of his track. For the first couple of listens he could be singing the form guide, for all you’re likely to notice – and that’s because his voice is so intriguing and compelling that lyrics seem of secondary importance. But after those first couple of listens you can enjoy delving into the substance of this song about seeking love and light but finding darkness.

The single is taken from Cardwell’s forthcoming album and follows ‘Blood Moon’, released earlier this year. Carwell plays banjo, guitar and synth in the song and has enlisted fellow Melburnians Drummer Roger Bergodaz (Lost Ragas, Tex Perkins, Jordie Lane), bassist Tim McCormack (Stella Angelico), keyboardist Bernie McMahon (St Jude, Tracy McNeil) and guitarist Mic Hubbard (Spencer P.Jones, Ayleen O’Hanlon) for the other instruments, which support Cardwell’s vocals with textured restraint.