When Jason Lee had the song ‘Dust Beneath My Boots’, co-written with Chicago-based songwriter Timothy Gleason, ready to record, he knew it had to be a duet, and his first choice for the female vocalist was Tania Kernaghan. For this story of living behind frenetic lives and embracing the outdoors – getting that dust beneath the boots – Lee couldn’t have chosen better, for Kernaghan has such a rich history of songs that celebrate the land and living on it.

Lee is influenced by the music of Merle Haggard, Slim Dusty, Tracy Coster and Stan Coster, and has a warm country-music tone to his voice that marries well with Kernaghan’s, and on this track the two of them sound like they’re not so much fleeing a situation they don’t like as finding one they do. The song is uplifting, emotional and completely enjoyable – it’s no wonder it debuted at #3 on the Australian Country Radio Top 10. Australians might be bound to this continent for the foreseeable future, but finding some dust to put beneath our boots is something available to us all – so let this song be your inspiration to get out of town and into our beautiful landscape.

Lee released a self-titled EP in 2008 and in 2010 his debut album, Better Late Than Never, which was recorded at Hillbilly Hut Studios on the NSW Central Coast with producer Simon Johnson, who also produced ‘Dust Beneath My Boots’. This new single is the third from Lee’s forthcoming album, following on from 2020 releases ‘She’s In It’ and ‘Whiskey Kinda Night’.