Last year was obviously tough on many, many people, but as life returns to close-to-normal for many Australians, it’s returning very slowly for our performing artists. While footy matches have multiple thousands of attendees, Bluesfest was cancelled, and for each busy restaurant there are gigs that aren’t full. However, artists are still creating – because, as Perth duo Scarlet’s Way say, ‘Being creative is not a hobby. It is a way of life.’

The band is comprised of singer Katey Gabel and guitarist Shayne Savic, and their new single, ‘Ride On’, is an ode to the power and resilience of creative industries in the face of great challenges.

‘We are so excited to get this song out there!’ say the pair. ‘ The arts is obviously very dear to our hearts and with COVID having such an impact on our industry, we couldn’t think of a better time to highlight the strong spirit, achievements and life sacrifices that our artistic inclined brothers and sisters experience along their journeys.’

The song features Gabel’s powerful, soulful vocals and Savic’s mesmerising guitar, and it’s country/blues/rock infused anthem to inspire established creative folks and those just starting to follow their passion. The accompanying video highlights even more strongly the contribution that the arts make to Australia culturally and financially.

Scarlet’s Way play Perth Blues Club at The Charles Hotel on 8 June.