Queensland singer-songwriter Brittany Elise released her debut album, Something More, in 2019, revealing her skills as a passionate, eclectic artist with a talent for telling stories and finding the right musical fit for them. Earlier this year she released the single ‘Find Your Music’, which has remained on The Music Network Hot 50 Airplay chart since release, peaking at #16. It debuted on the iTunes charts at #4, received full rotation on CMT and regular airplay on stations including ABC Country, Kix Country, IHeart Country, 98.9 FM, The Wolf Australia, Australian Country Radio, Today’s Country 94One, Country Capital Radio and Big Country Radio.

Now Brittany Elise has released ‘House a Home’, written during the 2020 lockdown. The song is a heartfelt, joyous tribute to the things that matter.

‘It is the simple things that made our house into a home,’ she explains of the inspiration behind the song. ‘Sad’s shoes at the front door meant he was home from work, sharing home-cooked meals, learning to ride my bike, family story times, the laughter, our height chart on the back of my bedroom door, learning to play instruments and the objects within the house that don’t match. It’s these feelings you always remember.’

Brittany Elise’s talents have seen her nominated in four categories at the 2022 Independent Country Music Awards for Female Artist, New Female Artist, Single of the Year (‘Find Your Music’), and Film Clip of the Year (‘Find Your Music’).