Logan Hoswell is a singer-songwriter from Tamworth, NSW/Kamilaroi country whose debut single, ‘Stone Cold Heart’, went to number 2 on the iTunes Country chart upon release. The song was written not far from home, at the DAG Sheep Station songwriters retreat in Nundle, by Hoswell and Jen Mize. It was produced by Shane Nicholson, whom Hoswell also met at the DAG.

Says Hoswell of the song, ‘I’m often too nice to people and it backfires, and when I co-wrote with Jen Mize, we started talking about how I wished I had a heart of stone. I want people to know that it’s fine to be kind but don’t get yourself into situations where you’re walked over.’

As the song begins Hoswell sounds almost flat, like she’s already over being nice, and then her power builds. There is light and shade in her voice – warmth and defiance and the occasional hint of a snarl, signifying that the singer is standing up for herself not to be mean but to be strong. As a debut single it’s a great announcement of Hoswell as an artist, and she plans to follow it with more singles this year, building towards the release of an EP.

The single is accompanied by a video shot by Jeremy Minnett of Eyes and Ears Creative, and it visually displays the light and dark of the song.