Under the Australian country music umbrella there are many and varied acts and songs. These are the singles released in the past calendar month, collected in a Spotify playlist – track listing after the playlist.

Aaron Jurd – ‘Midnight Train’

Amber Lawrence & Catherine Britt – ‘I Am Woman’

Andrew Swift feat. Cass Hopetoun – ‘Say the Word’

Brittany Elise – ‘House a Home’

Brock Colley – ‘No Mascara’

Cassidy-Rae – ‘Cheers Y’all’

Christie Lamb – ‘Kiss About It’

Clint Wilson – ‘Teeth in Me’

Cornell and Carr – ‘Beer Talk’

Dan Henwood – ‘Travellin’ Man’

Darlinghurst – ‘Unfaithful’

David Garnham & Reasons to Live – ‘Miss the Pain’

Eddie Rawk Band – ‘One Last Time’

Frecko – ‘The Note’

Georgia State Line – ‘Every Time’

Jasmine Atkins – ‘Long After You’re Gone’

Jason McDaniel – ‘Honky Tonk Life’

Jason McGregor – ‘That’s Why We’re Here’

Jeb Cardwell – ‘Storm Clouds’

Kim Cheshire – ‘Have Mercy’

Lily Grace & James Blundell – ‘Annie June’

Melody Moko – ‘Coming Up Roses’

Montgomery Church – ‘Louise’

Natalie Pearson – ‘Strong Man’

Piper Butcher – ‘Haunting Your Thoughts’

Scarlet’s Way – ‘Ride On’

Sharna Burcher – ‘The Hardest Parts’

The Anywheres – ‘Some Folks’

The Bloomvilles feat. Jack Jones – ‘Real This Time’ 

The Winnie Blues – ‘Tennessee Rain’

The Wolfe Brothers feat. Locash – ‘Startin’ Something’

Wayward Johnson and the Adjustment – ‘Ducks in a Row’